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Mohammed bin Rashid Library  is a major library located in Dubai. The library is the largest of its kind in the Arab world and the third largest library in the world by the number of books., housing over 4.5 million books, as well as manuscripts, maps, and other historical documents.

Documenting the Treasures of the Mohamed bin Rashid Library

I was given the opportunity to photograph over 1500 images for the Mohammed bin Rashid Library collection. The delicate nature of the library’s collection, including artifacts, manuscripts, maps, and historical documents, demanded a meticulous attention to detail and a creative eye for composition in order to capture them in a visually appealing and informative manner

It was necessary to identify the most interesting and historically significant areas of the items to focus on, in order to meticulously plan the necessary equipment for the assignment. Effective preparation assisted in the subsequent processing and arrangement of the captured images. The project took approximately 65 days to finish, with the library’s team providing substantial support, exertion, and commitment.

This project was completed in collaboration with Berwaz Media UAE

the valuable artefacts

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