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August 28, 2020

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Mohammed Bin Rashid Library

Mohammed bin Rashid Library  is a major library located in Dubai. The library is the largest of its kind in the Arab world and the third largest library in the world by the number of books. The library is designed to be a major cultural and intellectual hub for the region, housing over 4.5 million books, as well as manuscripts, maps, and other historical documents. It also features a digital library with access to thousands of electronic books, journals, and databases. The library is open to the public and offers a variety of services, including research assistance, classes, and workshops.

DOCUMENTING some of the WORLD’s most valuable artefacts

I had the chance to capture 1500 images for Mohammed bin Rashid Library’s collection. It was a challenging task yet an extremely enjoyable and rewarding experience. The sensitivity of the library’s diverse collection of artefacts, manuscripts, maps and other historical documents have required a lot of attention to details and a keen eye for compositions to capture them in an interesting and informative way. 

It was necessary to identify the most interesting and historically significant areas of the items to focus on to carefully consider the required equipment for this assignment. Good planning helped in the post-processing and organization of the taken images. The project took around 45 days to be completed with lots of support, effort,  and dedication performed by the library’s team.

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