Saruq Al Hadid Museum

Saruq Al Hadid Museum in Dubai showcases the history and culture of the region through its artifacts and exhibits. The museum features a vast array of ancient Iron Age items including weapons, jewelry, pottery, and coins displayed in a well-designed and illuminated space. Visitors can have an immersive and educational experience while learning about the region’s history and its people. It is an ideal location for history enthusiasts.

DOCUMENTING some of the WORLD’s most valuable artifacts

Photographing the artifacts at Saruq Al Hadid Museum was a delightful experience. Capturing the unique features and intricate details of each artifact was fulfilling. Each piece had its own history and story, and capturing that in a photograph was special.

The chance to see and handle ancient items, some thousands of years old, was one of the most thrilling aspects of the project. Holding historical coins or pottery and capturing their beauty and details through my camera was amazing.

The integration of the Hasselblad camera and Broncolor lighting played a pivotal role in achieving extraordinary levels of detail and clarity in our captured images. The Hasselblad camera, renowned for its precision, provided the flexibility for fine-tuning, ensuring each shot captured was nothing short of ideal. The resultant images boast high resolution, impeccable color accuracy, and an extensive dynamic range—qualities essential for future observation and in-depth study of the artifact pieces. This harmonious blend of cutting-edge technology and meticulous craftsmanship ensures that every nuance of the artifacts is preserved for scholarly examination and appreciation.

This project was completed in collaboration with Berwaz Media UAE

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